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September 1, 2020

What is the difference between a floodplain and a floodway? The distinction between the two is important when considering development and mitigating risk in a community. [...]
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August 11, 2020

Even if you are not a first-time home buyer, it is always a good idea to decide what you can afford before you begin viewing prospective homes. There are two ways to do this: by getting a loan pre-qualification or pre-approval from a mortgage lender [...]
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May 31, 2020

Why Disinfect? Well disinfection can eliminate or reduce many different kinds harmful bacteria and viruses as well as harmless bacteria which can cause unpleasant taste and odors. However, disinfection will not correct water problems caused by chemical contamination from nitrate, fuels, pesticides, or other substances. Well disinfection should be performed under the following circumstances [...]
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May 29, 2020

Do you know what Title Insurance is and the purpose of a Title Insurance Policy? [...]
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May 26, 2020

If you are thinking of making your next move, now may be the time. Demand for your house will be strong, particularly while buyers are looking to lock in at low mortgage rates. Download my Spring 2020 Sellers Guide Now to learn more [...]
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May 14, 2020

Do you know what a CMA is? A comparative market analysis is a side by side comparison of homes for sale and homes that have recently sold in the same neighborhood and price range [...]
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May 13, 2020

The Harris Poll recently surveyed 2,000 Americans, and 39% of the respondents who live in urban areas indicated the COVID-19 crisis has caused them to consider moving to a less populated area [...]
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May 11, 2020

A recent survey shows that in 34 of the 50 U.S. states, buyer demand is now strong and 16 of the 50 states have a stable demand. Also, 46 states and Washington, D.C. reported weak seller traffic [...]
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May 6, 2020

Want to know if home prices have stablized in your area? Simply enter your address and an automated monthly report will be sent to you via email which will give you valuable information pertaining to homes that have recently sold and are currently for sale in your neighborhood [...]
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May 5, 2020

It is important to understand how economists are using three types of sciences to formulate their forecasts and to work toward clearer answers about an economic recovery [...]
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May 4, 2020

The latest results of the Housing Vacancy Survey (HVS) provided by the U.S. Census Bureau shows how Americans place immense value in homeownership, and it is continuing to grow in the United States [...]
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April 30, 2020

With businesses starting to slowly open back up again in some parts of the country, it is important to understand how housing can have a major impact on the recovery of the U.S. economy [...]
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April 27, 2020

Once again, Coldwell Banker's parent company Realogy tops the list as the number one real estate brokerage in the country when comparing sales volume [...]
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April 24, 2020

4 Common Furnace Issues That Could Become Dangerous

During any season when you need to use your furnace, the last thing you want is to have it malfunction [...]
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April 23, 2020

Curious About What Your Home is Worth?

Knowledge is Power. I can provide you with a quarterly report to help keep you in touch with home values in and around your area. This report will give you valuable information pertaining to homes that have recently sold and are currently for sale in your neighborhood [...]
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April 22, 2020

Keys to Selling Your House Virtually

The question is, if you need to sell your house now, what virtual practices should you use to make sure you, your family, and potential buyers stay safe [...]
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April 21, 2020

Understanding Types of Property Surveys

As a buyer, it would be prudent to always order a survey when purchasing a home to help identify any encroachments on the property. There are several different types of surveys [...]
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April 20, 2020

Understanding and Maintaining Septic Systems

Septic tanks with gravity flow drainfields have been used for many years in areas not served by public sewers. Unfortunately, not all soil and site conditions are well suited for these standard systems [...]
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April 18, 2020

What is Radon?

Prolonged exposure to unsafe levels of radon increases the risk of lung cancer; in fact, radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer after smoking, and can cause cancers in pets, as well [...]
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April 17, 2020

White River Vision Plan

The White River connects more than 10,000 acres of parks and attractions in Central Indiana, and whether you are looking for a quiet escape to nature or a community celebration, there is always something happening along the river [...]
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April 16, 2020

The Economy in 2020 - The Great Lockdown

I found this economist to be both informative and funny [...]
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April 16, 2020

Spring Cleaning 2020 = Disinfecting.

Here are 5 Tips to Help Keep Germs Out of Your Home [...]
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April 15, 2020

Tips for efficiently working from home

Adapting to a new work environment is always difficult, even when it is moving into the comfort of your own home. Working from home can present new obstacles for those learning to manage work and life [...]
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April 14, 2020

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: 16 Tips and Tricks

It is uniquely satisfying to grow your own food from scratch. There are lots of reasons to plant a vegetable garden. When you grow your own produce, you can ensure your vegetables are free from chemicals and that you will have a reliable supply of food on hand [...]
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April 11, 2020

With the current pandemic putting a pause on the economy many of your are wandering when the economy will recover, are we headed into a recession and is this going to be like 2008 all over again [...]
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April 10, 2020

Believe it or not, there are lots of things you can do to prep your house for a sale without even going to the store [...]
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April 7, 2020

Go online with the home buying/selling process.

The home buying/selling process can be even more challenging nowadays now that we are facing the coronavirus epidemic. The quarantine situation and the social distancing is making things way harder for home buyers or sellers [...]
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