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Why Choose Brad Gough as your Agent?

Why Choose Me As Your Agent?

My hope is that this web site will give you useful information to better understand my experience and how I can best help you. My goal is to completely understand your needs and help you navigate the buying or selling process. I have lived in the Metropolitan Indianapolis area my entire life. I have over seventeen years experience in helping buyers and sellers and over 100 Million in Career Sales.

The following highlights the many services that I provide and how I leverage technology to better serve you. I refer to this as my Digital Marketing Plan.

Advanced Social Media Marketing

Coldwell Banker has a product called Social Ad Engine which allows me to advertise your listing on Facebook and Instagram to maximize your homes online visibility to thousands of potential buyers. In the example below, the home I advertised using Social Ad Engine was seen by thousands of potential buyers in just a short one week span of intensive advertising.

Social Ad Engine is an advanced form of social media marketing that uses Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to match potential buyers with your home. This Big Data approach to finding buyers seeking a home like yours gives me an edge in marketing your home to the right buyers.

Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are used by Social Ad Engine to create various heat maps representing important data about the buyers nearest to your home and most likely to be buying soon. The data analyzed includes average household income, how many people own versus rent, how many homes have changed hands recently, changes in population and much more relevant data about the potential buyers.

Maximum Online Exposure

I will advertise your listing on literally hundreds of real estate search web sites including popular sites like,, Zillow, Trulia and Coldwell Banker works with ListHub to ensure no matter where a potential buyer may be looking online or what their favorite search engine may be, your listing will be prominently displayed there.

I Will Make Your Home Standout

Professional photos do make a difference. I will hire a Professional Photographer to create the highest quality photos possible as well as hiring a 3D Virtual Tour Photographer to create a tour that allows potential buyers to virtually walk through your home online. If appropriate, I will also use a drone to get aerial views of your home like the beautiful 10 acre property below.

Aerial Photography

3D Virtual Tour

Click Photo Below to Experience a 3D Tour

Targeted Email Campaigns

I will target agents like myself that are top selling agents and who sell a lot of homes where your home is located. I will craft an email to advertise your home to those agents.

Paid Ad Boosts on Facebook

Through my Business Page on Facebook, I will create a specialized ad for your listing and then pay to boost that ad to maximize the number of buyers that can potentially be reached. I am connected to over 1,300 local buyers on Facebook and the paid advertisements featuring your home will be posted on their Facebook Wall as well their friends on Facebook.

Smart Phone Friendly Website

I have over twenty years of experience in developing software applications. I have created a smart phone friendly web site at to showcase my listings. The sign rider placed at your home will direct potential buyers to access this web site on their smart phone to gain access to all of the photos, the 3D Virtual Tour and much more information about your home.

Monthly Newsletter

I create and send out an electronic newsletter each month to over 1,300 local clients on my email distribution list. These newsletters contain relevant real estate and local human interest information. I always advertise my current listings on these newsletters which increases the exposure your home will receive each month.

Ongoing Communication

I will set up a series of emails to come to you on a weekly basis to stay in contact with you and keep you informed regarding the number of views your listing is getting online.

Over $100 Million in Career Sales

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Brad Gough Realtor Coldwell Banker Kaiser Brad Gough Realtor Coldwell Banker Kaiser

Helping You Celebrate Life's Great Moments

12401 Old Meridian Street
Carmel, In 46032

Office (317) 844-1131

Mobile (317) 590-3571
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Contact Information

Helping You Celebrate Life's Great Moments

12401 Old Meridian Street
Carmel, In 46032

Office (317) 844-1131

Mobile (317) 590-3571

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Coldwell Banker Stats

Coldwell Banker Kaiser Key Stats

Comparing 4th Quarter 2019 versus all brokerages within MIBOR.

Listings - Average Days on Market:
  CBK:  24
All Brokerages: 49

  Average Sales Price:
  CBK:  $252,500
All Brokerages:  $189,900

  Percent of List to Price Received:
  CBK:  97.7%
All Brokerages:  97.3%

  Average Price per Sq. Ft. – All Sales:
CBK:  $115.28
All Brokerages:  $114

Coldwell Banker International Key Stats

12401 Old Meridian Street
Carmel, In 46032

Office (317) 844-1131

Mobile (317) 590-3571

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BUYERS - Finding the Right Home

Buying a home is a complicated process and you need a professional to help guide you through the various steps. Our team is here to help you and we will ensure you understand everything that needs to be done to make for a smooth and enjoyable experience. After all, purchasing a home is likely to be the most expensive investment you make throughout your lifetime and Your Home Expert Team is here to help you celebrate this great life moment every step of the way!

Get Preapproved for a Loan
It is important to know how much you can and want to afford in a monthly payment. You should have a mortgage pre-approval letter drafted by your lender prior to beginning the home search. This letter will be submitted with your offer on a home. I can refer lenders to you if you do not already have one.

Make a Dream Home Checklist
Factors to consider are price, location, must haves and should haves, schools, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, style of home etc. You may also want to consider building new rather than buying existing and we can help you with that as well. We have helped many clients with the entire process of building from selecting a builder and lot to the details of picking out floor plans and finishings.

Preview Homes Online
I will set up an automated search for you based on your criteria. You will be able to weed out certain homes online and we will be able to refine your criteria. The portal I set up for you will help you organize your search to make this process easier.

View Homes in Person
I will schedule the showings for you, map out a route and schedule of homes to see based on your timeframes.

Sales Disclosure
Sellers are required to fill out a sales disclosure. I will review the sales disclosure with you to insure there is nothing marked wrong with the home that would affect your desire to purchase the home or affect the price. We will submit a signed copy of the sales disclosure with an offer if one is made.

Make an Offer on a Home
I will prepare a market analysis by researching property values, studying recently sold properties, analyzing expired listings and reviewing homes currently on the market. I will draft a purchase agreement for you to submit to the sellers.

Earnest Money Check
Typically, earnest money is around 1% of the sales price of the home. I will submit a copy of your earnest money check made out to the listing agency with the purchase agreement. Once the offer is accepted, we have 2 business days to deliver the check to the listing agencies office. This money is refundable to you if we do not close on the home due to circumstances such as unresolved inspection issues, issues with your financing etc.

Home Inspection
Once we have an accepted offer, I will help you schedule a home inspection. I can help recommend inspection companies to you. I have several listed on my web site for your reference.

Inspection Response
Based on the Inspection Report produced by the Inspection Company, I will help you draft an inspection response to submit to the sellers in order to fix any items you deem necessary to fix from the report. If there are major items on the report that cannot be resolved (mold, foundation problems etc.) then you can still back out of this deal.

Covenants & Restrictions
The purchase agreement defines how many days the seller has to get you a copy of the neighborhoods covenants and restrictions. You will have an opportunity to review this to insure there are no restrictions that are objectionable to you and can still back out of this deal if you respond within the timeframe defined in the purchase agreement.

Home Insurance
The purchase agreement defines how many days the seller has to secure a home insurance policy for the home and it must be paid for in advance of closing on the home. I can help recommend home insurance companies to you. Your insurance agent can help check to see if there has ever been any major claims submitted for the home. I maintain a list of insurance agents I work with on a regular basis on my web site.

Your lender will schedule an appraisal of the home once we have an accepted offer. The home must appraise for at least as much as the purchase price, otherwise adjustments to the sale price will need to be made by either the buyer or seller to make the deal work.

Title Insurance
Once we have an accepted offer on your home, I will send the purchase agreement to a title company that either you or the seller has selected based on how the purchase agreement was written. Typically, the buyer selects the title company and I can recommend several reputable title companies to you. The title company will work with your lender to prepare all documents needed to close the home. I maintain a list of title companies I work with on a regular basis on my web site.

Home Warranty
If we decided to ask the sellers to provide you with a home warranty for the home you are buying, then I will order the home warranty for you through the title company. This cost is typically a seller cost and is defined in the purchase agreement. The cost will be reflected on the closing (HUD) statement.

The inspection companies typically offer a service to have the home re-inspected prior to closing to insure the seller has had all items fixed correctly. I usually recommend that you schedule this about a week before closing just in case we need to ask the seller to redo or fix something properly.

HUD Statement
The closing statement (HUD) is prepared by the title company and is typically sent out to you three days before closing. I will review and explain the statement to you. Any money required from you at closing that is above $10,000 will need to be wired from your bank to the title company. I will provide you with wiring instructions to provide to your bank.

Usually, you will want to switch the utilities of the home you are buying to be in your name as of day of closing. I can provide you with a list of the utility company names to call prior to closing.

Final Walk Thru
Sometimes buyers desire to have a final walk through of the home the morning of closing. If you would like to do this, I will schedule it for the morning of closing. It is one last chance for you to make sure that nothing has happened to the home that would impact the closing, i.e. basement flooding.

The title company handles the closing and typically the closing will be held at their office. You will need a copy of your driver’s license, make sure it is not expired. If the money you need to bring to closing is less than $10,000 then you can bring a certified check made out to the title company. Closing is typically scheduled to be roughly 30-45 days after purchase agreement acceptance. Possession is typically day of closing, but this can be negotiable. The purchase agreement defines when possession occurs.

My Web Site

Helping You Celebrate Life's Great Moments

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SELLERS - Innovative Tools To Get Your Home Sold!

My goal is to completely understand your needs and help you navigate the selling process. I have lived in the Metropolitan Indianapolis area my entire life. I have over fifteen years experience in helping buyers and sellers and over 70 Million in Sales Volume in just the past 9 years alone (from 2010 to 2018).

I have over twenty years of computer technology experience. My experience in the computer industry has given me a distinct advantage in helping my clients capitalize on the technologies available in the real estate industry. My promise to you is that I will continually look for innovative ways to leverage technology to help you to sell your home more quickly!

A sampling of the technologies that I incorporate into my Digital Marketing Plan to help sell your home include:

3D Virtual Tours

Aerial Views of Your Home

Personalized Web Site For Your Home

Social Media Marketing

I will develop a marketing plan to maximize the exposure your home gets on social media sites such as Facebook. I will pay to boost my ad's on those sites to increase the opportunity your home will be seen by thousands of potential buyers.

My Web Site

Helping You Celebrate Life's Great Moments