For over 100 years, Coldwell Banker has helped people find homes, and now our mission extends to man’s best friend. Because there’s nothing like coming home — especially when there’s a furry friend waiting on the other side of the door — we’ve teamed up with Adopt-a-Pet.com, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, to help 20,000 adoptable dogs find a loving home this year.

How can you help the Homes for Dogs Project?

1. Volunteer

Lend a helping paw for a great cause by searching for volunteer opportunities near you posted on Adopt-a-Pet.com.

2. Social PETworking

Use the power of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to give attention to adoptable shelter pets. To Twitter a Critter or share a pet on Facebook follow these 3 easy steps:

Search for a dog, cat, or other pet that needs a home. Choose a pet you want to help from the list and click to get their info. Then just click on the social media buttons to help the pet get seen and adopted! Don’t forget to use #homerocks!

3. Adopt A Pet

Humane Society of Hamilton County Humane Society of Hamilton County

For more information about buying, selling or living at home with a dog visit coldwellbanker.com/dogs.

Did You Know

More US Households have dogs than have children – and people consider them part of the family. Since, much of the rental inventory is not pet-friendly, the ability to have pets – especially dogs - is an obvious advantage to home ownership.

Coldwell Banker believes in "Home Sweet Home. We share that feeling we all get when we're on our way home. You know that feeling you get when you walk through the door, kick off your shoes and you can just relax because you're home. #homerocks

But what goes on when your not at home and who is waiting for you on the other side of the door. That is the heart of our campaign Homes For Dogs. This year, we're taking a look at things from the view of man's best friend (and Home’s Best Friend) who's anxiously awaiting your arrival and the excitement that bursts out as soon as you walk through the door.

American’s love their dogs!

More US Households have dogs than have children.

43,346,000 households have a dog, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

81% of American pet owners view their pets as equal in status to human family members, according to a 2011 Kelton survey

54% of American pet owners refer to themselves as “pet parents,” according to a 2011 Kelton survey.

62% of American households included at least one pet, according to the Humane Society.

#homerocks #homerocks

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